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Innovative database structure and software design

FINDbase system architecture is based on an innovative three-tier client-server model, namely the client application, the application server and the database server. The first contains the presentation logic only. As a result, less resources are needed for the client workstation and no client modification is needed if database location changes. Changes to business logic are automatically enforced by the server and possible changes require only new application server software to be installed. The n-tier architecture is a robust model and flexible enough to aggregate multiple information sources and integrate modular developments. All the database records in FINDbase are a collection that combines large groups of similar items. Conceptually, a collection behaves as any other web content. There is a set of files on a server, and a local client that has the capability to display them. The files are traditionally HTML and image files. In the collection case, the files are CXML and Deep Zoom-formatted (DZC) images. When the user browses the collection from a web page, the PivotViewer uses the Silverlight Control to display the files.

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